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We believe that adding a pool can transform your home and lifestyle! Descon Pools design and install custom vinyl liner and fiberglass pools. Combining the advanced construction techniques with superior materials, both vinyl liner and fiberglass pools are built to last. We put the focus on quality instead of quantity to ensure a positive experience and outstanding end result. Descon Pools is much more than just a pool installer. We believe that the pool is a integral part of the overall landscape working together to create a functional and beautiful escape at your own home. Your imagination is your only limitation as to what we can do! 


Descon pools installs only the highest quality fiberglass pool shells from the top companies in the industry. Our experience, along with industry leading drainage and installation techniques eliminate the potential for issues over time. Fiberglass pools come in many different sizes and shapes and offer great features such as benches, spillover hot tubs and sun ledges. 


Using time-tested construction practices, Descon pools installs your pool to the shape and specifications you desire or require. We can make different shapes and sizes of vinyl liner pools to suit your needs and property. Whether its a custom shape or custom feature, such as a beach entry or bar stools, Descon will create the pool of your dreams. 


We look at your landscape as an extension to your home uniting the outdoors with the indoors. Designed to reflect each clients style and use, every project is uniquely tailored to what you want. Our landscaping crew will transform your yard into a great living space that can include features such as patios, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and cabanas. All combined with a pool to create the ultimate backyard retreat. 


Descon knows the importance of a good plan for a great end result. Our skilled designers will work with you from the start to create the landscape of your dreams before we get the shovels in the ground. A well thought out design helps to eliminate time wasted on-site, as well as show you what your project will look like in the end so that there are no unwelcome surprises.



Descon Pools and Landscapes is comprised of a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals committed to providing professional service and high quality craftsmanship. From office to job site, our underlying love for what we do is evident in the work environment we create, and most importantly, in the process of bringing your vision to life. 


After graduating from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, and years of industry experience, Luke founded Descon Pools. In collaboration with his clients, Luke's creativity and attention to detail enable him to create unique and comprehensive designs.


Jake’s hard work ethic and hands on approach is evident as he efficiently manages the landscaping portion of the projects from start to finish. Onsite, Jake is a skilled craftsman who takes time to work with clients to ensure that the end result is the masterpiece of their dreams.


Evan’s long-time experience in the landscaping industry has given him a vast skill set, and has also instilled the importance of safety and organization around the jobsite and company wide. Along with working on-site, Evan is responsible for ensuring that safety and organization are maintained in all activities to improve efficiency and a proper working environment. 


Daniel is known for his ‘do what it takes’ mentality. He is a fast learner and does whatever is required to get the job done properly and efficiently. Daniel is an asset to any project he is involved with.


Currently working on his degree in Landscape Architecture, Mark is an asset to the team both in the office and on the jobsite. Mark's creativity and problem solving skills are evident in his unique designs and on-site work. 

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